Perky Plaid Infant Socks

The pattern for these perky infant socks is found at my Ravelry store . The pattern contains 4 sizes: A, B, C and D to fit infants of ages 0-6, 6-12 and 12-24 months. Size D is for a tall 24 month child.

Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 Crochet Cotton

Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 Crochet Cotton

Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 lace weight cotton was used with a 1.50 mm crochet hook to create the Starburst Doily. Colors used were Yellow Gold (left) and Antique White (right).

Click here to see a photo of the Starburst Doily and read the corresponding article: Starburst Doily.

Starburst Doily

In late winter when the snow was deep, the ice thick, and it looked like spring wouldn't arrive, I was compelled to crochet bright motifs the color of forsythia blossoms in spring. I crocheted over 40 motifs in different patterns and colors, including these cheerful yellow gold stars on an antique white mid-century mesh. I crocheted and blocked the star motifs in advance and then assembled the doily in an evening. The Starburst Doily is available for sale at my Etsy shop.

Read more for pattern information.
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Pinning Sequence to Block a 12 Point Motif

This photograph shows the pinning sequence for a 12 pointed crocheted motif on a padded surface. The 10/2 mercerized (pearl) cotton was steam blocked for speed. Non-rusting steel flower pins are shown.

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