Better Button Choice

Ruth's Fair Isle style sweater coat was not working for her, because the buttons it came with were inappropriate for the structure of the garment. The coat did not look appealing if worn unbuttoned and the heavy buttons were inadequately supported by the fabric.
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Mom's Tricolor Woven Belt with Leather and Brass Buckle

This belt became the perfect accessory for my mother's pant suit. It had three of her 4 favorite colors: light grey, white and medium blue. I had planned on weaving a custom belt for her but ended up customizing a purchased belt because the band and buckle colors were ideal.
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Woven Khaki Belt

I wanted to make something for Daniel's birthday and decided on a summer belt that could be worn with shorts, slacks or jeans. I was designing band weaving patterns and came up with this solution to provide size adjustment for a belt. This belt turned out to be unisex--my sister modeled it for the photo!

TabletWeaver Software

John Mullarkey developed TabletWeaver Software for his own personal use and generously shares it at no cost with tablet (aka card) weaving enthusiasts. It is a great complement to his Tablet Weaving Made Easy two DVD course which I wrote about earlier this week. Although the software is undocumented, its operation is intuitive and it is an excellent tool for understanding S and Z threading. This freeware enables rapid testing and design of tablet weaving patterns which makes it fun to use.

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