Sock Knitting Season Opens

To me frost on the ground, like we've had for the past few days, signals the start of sock knitting season.

In July I knitted 2 pairs of socks and used up my sock yarn. So last week I purchased enough sock yarn for 8 pairs of socks in as many colors and began knitting Christmas gifts.

First up is the Opal sock yarn in a blue and white "Mosaik" pattern, with colors that remind me of Delft china. The pattern colors are: white, medium royal blue and light blue.

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Horse Coat

Horse Coat

Although we had blue skies and beautiful sunshine yesterday even the horses wore coats against the chill.

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Hoodie Makeover

My mother purchased a beautiful silver grey, angora, hooded tunic, but the hood was not properly supported. The hood stretched and dragged the neckline down, ruining the look of an otherwise beautiful knitted garment. She asked me if I could remove the hood and create a more versatile garment.

The hood featured a ribbed opening that framed the face and matched the pattern of the sleeve edges and front plackets. I was able to remove the ribbing as one piece and there was enough length to create a flat collar for the entire neckline.

Removing the hood was not so easy.
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Whirligig Gloves

Whirligig Gloves

Readers, winter is approaching and that means it is time to treat your eyes and your fingers to some four color whirligig gloves in cream, sky, yellow and twig 100% Peruvian Highland Wool to keep warm and cheery. Pattern and yarn available from Knit Picks:

Click here to read the article: Whirligig Gloves.

PaletteTM Solid Cream (23730), Sky (23724), Yellow (23710) and Twig (23739), 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, Fingering weight, 50 g (1.5 oz), 1 skein ea.

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