Pinning Sequence to Block a 12 Point Motif

This photograph shows the pinning sequence for a 12 pointed crocheted motif on a padded surface. The 10/2 mercerized (pearl) cotton was steam blocked for speed. Non-rusting steel flower pins are shown.

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The Importance of Blocking Crochet

I've been designing some motifs for a doily and crocheted 12 different versions before I came up with one that I liked. Then I crocheted 12 more and blocked each one as it was completed. With the 10/2 mercerized cotton, blocking the motifs made it easier to work with the motifs for a number of reasons, including:

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Maysville Carpet Warp

Maysville Carpet Warp

Maysville carpet warp was used to weave "Carpet Warp Placemats". It comes in 800 yd spools, but is not guaranteed colorfast. Initially the absorbent placemats have to be washed separately for both color and shedding reasons. The yarn provided and interesting texture and was inexpensive which made it an excellent choice for testing a loom and calculating loom waste.

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Carpet-Warp Placemats

I wove a series of three placemats with a crimson rug yarn warp and contrast color weft stripes in grey, pink and white. Shown at left is the version with grey accent stripes. Texture is created with a 4-shaft draft and doubling the ends in both the heddles and reed.

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